Genetics, Genomics and Informatics Core

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  • Provide assistance in designing, performing, analyzing, and interpreting genetics and genomics experiments, including:
    • Sequencing and genotyping studies, including whole-genome sequencing in cases of clinical interest (in collaboration with the Clinical Translation Core);
    • Genomic (gene expression and epigenetic) studies, both in patient samples for the identification of biomarkers (in collaboration with the Clinical Translation Core), and in experimental models, including single-cell and iPSC (in collaboration with the Functional Analyses of Cells, Circuits, and Systems Function Core);
    • Support for the genomics component of the Research Project.
  • Provide informatics infrastructure to store, access, and query genetic and genomic data generated by Center faculty and collaborating IDDRCs (in collaboration with the Administration, Education and Outreach Core, the Clinical Translation Core, and the West Coast IDDRC Consortium).