Clinical Translation Core

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  • Provide an infrastructure for recruitment, design consultation, implementation assistance, and management of translational research and clinical trials; facilitates regulatory approvals for translational human studies and clinical trials.
  • Provide access to state-of-art behavioral, developmental, and cognitive phenotyping for individuals with IDDs; provide training and quality assurance for basic phenotyping approaches for use in clinical studies; develop, test, and maintain innovative phenotyping approaches for use in IDD populations suitable for clinical trials and “deep phenotyping” projects.
  • Development and maintenance of a research registry for individuals and families with IDDs to support subject recruitment; collaborates with other IDDRCs with their registry and biobanking activities; collects and registers biospecimens for a research biobank of individuals with IDDs for access by IDDRC investigators.
  • In concert with other cores, investigates and tests putative biomarkers for use in diagnosis and treatment.